Flour Packaging Insurance

Nairobi Flour Mills Group

The Group

The Group has been in existence for over 60 years. During this period, it has established itself in its key markets of milling and paper bags. Over the years, the management team has built up a wealth of experience and is now seeking to apply this to its new Insurance arm and any new markets it finds attractive.

Nairobi Flour Mills Ltd

Family-run Nairobi Flour Mills commenced in 1949 as small-scale grain millers in Nairobi, Kenya. In 1967, the company introduced the brand ‘Jimbi’ and subsequently ‘Jimbi Homebaking’ was introduced.

United Bags Manufacturers Ltd

In 1985, United Bags Manufacturers was acquired, a medium-scale paper, sacks and bags manufacturing factory with the aim of fulfilling Nairobi Flour Mill's total requirement for the packaging of its flour.

Jimbi Insurance Agents Ltd

insurance-productsJimbi Insurance Agents commenced operations in 1996 as insurance agents. They currently provide a large variety of insurance for almost any requirement or need.